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WOE: Under the Iceberg

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a #BombCyclone freezing the East Coast. Naturally, that means it’s cold in the rest of the country. Okay, for us Houstonians, that means we put on parkas because there was a little frost on the grass when we got up. I digress.

The cold weather naturally took this writer’s mind to icebergs. (They’re frozen.) Icebergs are like filmmaking. What you see on the surface is maybe 25% of the actual work that goes into any production, especially an indie like …the web of Eve.  For example, that 30-second teaser, which you’ve hopefully watched by now, represents  a segment of about 24 hours of filming with a dozen crew members and about fifty actors, which took about 200 hours of pre-production preparation by a team of, on average, 8 people, based on a script that took about eighty hours and two people to write and refine. Finally, the teaser is a segment of another 100 hours of post-production work, that also resulted in a few more teasers, the original music you hear, and the First Look short film not yet released.

To the casual observer, the net is about ten minutes of video, or the tip of that iceberg.

Does this mean you can’t produce your own films without a massive effort? Of course not. If you’re just aiming to produce something fun to watch at home with your buddies, scrabble out a little script, grab a good DSLR, and go for it! However, if your goal is to produce something that will eventually earn a little cash to fund your next project, the bottom of that iceberg needs to be at least twice the size of the tip. Stay tuned to this blog for more details about what lies below the surface.

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Eve, Keep Your Coat On!

It’s a cold day…well, everywhere. It’s been said that you can stay warm by getting your heart rate up. “But I’m at work!” Here’s an easy solution for you: plug in those little bitty ear buds you keep hidden in your desk drawer and check out the first official teaser for …the web of Eve. Don’t forget to scroll down and subscribe to this site for the latest news & updates, or just subscribe to the WOE Channel for more great video coming soon!


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WOE: A Little Tease(r)

“…the web of Eve” team has been hard at work to bring Shedrick Cortez-Stokes incredible concept, starring Sasha Jackson and Eddie McClintock with Anthony Ray Parker, to screen in 2018. Thanks to the hard work of the post-production team at Another L Vizion (Kris Vzim, E Covey Designs and L E Mental Productions), we’ve got a fun little tease for you to enjoy. (Visit our IMDb page for complete credits.) The teaser features original music by Jason Shaw, Grace Gilliam and Melvin Freshley, mixed by Erran Booker. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and @thewebofeve on Twitter and Instagram. Like the video? Share with this link:

Click the coat to check it out:



Also seen in this teaser (in order of appearance): Tony LaThanh, Lance E. Nichols, David Maldonado, Murillo Alves, Nanae Volle’, Lee Gailey and the voice of Marilyn Swick. Written by Jai Aitch & Tammy “Taz” Diaz

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A New Era in Partnership

In a French restaurant in a Texas town, an American partnership connecting “the web of Eve” to China was forged this weekend. WOE creator and Executive Producer, Shedrick Cortez-Stokes, and film school owner Ray Jiang, sealed the deal that is set to bring one of China’s biggest rising stars (TBA in the coming weeks) to “the web of Eve” and ensure “the web of Eve” reaches China in 2018.  I could not be more honored to be one of the several team members who helped broker this deal and be a part of what I am sure will be a long and fruitful partnership!

Ray Jiang will step into “the web of Eve” as Director of Chinese Media, responsible for all sales, marketing and distribution efforts in China, in addition to serving as a Co-Executive Producer for “the web of Eve” and continuing his efforts regarding domestic sales & marketing.

Stay tuned for more WOE news, including a series getting to know our amazing leads who will be in Houston in less than seven days to shoot their first scenes.

Pictured, above left to right: Shedrick Cortez-Stokes, Tammy “Taz” Diaz, Ray Jiang
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WOE Auditions Update

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Again, we want to thank the MANY talented actors and actresses who submitted to be a part of …the web of Eve! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Supporting cast auditions are complete and we have some very tough decisions to make. Offers will go out late this week to those selected.
  • Thanks to Harvey causing a time crunch, we will be casting remaining roles based on the demos and headshots we have. (In other words, if you didn’t get called to audition, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be offered a role.)

Please keep a close watch on this site, Twitter or Facebook for more info this week.  We will need a rapid turnaround on offers so we can clear our cast with SAG-AFTRA and get ready to shoot on 9/23 and 9/24.

Thanks again to all the incredible talent we have met through this process. Houston is an amazing place!

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Harvey Pauses

We rose this morning to find a peek of sun through Harvey’s clouds. At my house, the dogs were ecstatic and tore through the sopping backyard at top speeds, celebrating their first rain-free moment in five days. The waters have, even if temporarily, receded on the south side of Houston.

But it’s not over yet. (If you’ve evacuated, don’t

SE TX Road flooding & closures on 8/30/2017

come back just yet. If you plan on being on the roads, check before you drive.)


This is that moment where we Texans buckle down and use every moment we can to help our neighbors, whether we knew them before today or not. There are still many, MANY at grave risk due to the overflowing reservoirs and bayous. Many of the roads are still impassable. Homes are still filling with water. Though the rain has passed, the danger and the needs have not.

If you’re looking in from the outside, it’s not too late for you to help. People’s lives are upside down. Many are looking at days, weeks, maybe even months without their homes,  without the ability to work and provide their families with the basic necessities. Too many had insufficient or no insurance. Those that were barely getting by will financially sink without the help of others. They will need more than the old clothes you can donate. They will need the support of those of us who have been more fortunate to get back on their feet. They don’t just need your hearts to go out to them, but your donations and your helping hands.


You can help in so many ways: join WOE’s Marilyn Swick and Laura Koons in raising funds for the American Red Cross and collecting/delivering donations. Support first responders like our executive producer, Shedrick Cortez-Stokes and WOE friend Mike Lee. (They’re working some incredibly long shifts to keep our neighbors safe.) Our own animal hero, writer Jai Aitch has added kitten rescuer to his resume’ in the midst of dealing with his own damage from Hurricane Harvey. Join me and my daughter (actress Maya Clarady) in donating our time to a local shelter. There are so many ways you can help, so many stories we could tell! If you need help. do start with

So please join us in providing continued #HopeForHouston and relief from #HurricaneHarvey. And above all, if you live in this area, stay safe! As we Texans like to say, “It ain’t over yet!”

(Featured photo courtesy


Weather Delay: Auditions Postponed

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, this little breeze called Harvey is making his way toward the Texas coastline. Many of islands and coastal towns south of Houston are alreadhoustony under evacuation orders. We figured that was a good indication we should avoid putting people on the roads this weekend.

We will likely reschedule for next weekend once the roads drain. Keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page for updates.

Stay dry. Stay safe! If you’re new to the Houston area – it’s best to stay off the roads unless you happen to own something with a rudder or paddles.

(Photo shows Houston post-storm roadways in 2016.)



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Shh! A Little Peek

Okay, it’s just a teaser. If you want a first peek at the look and feel of The Web of Eve, check out our first teaser starring future featured guests, Mickey and Maya.

If you don’t see the link, go to to view the video.

Don’t forget to click “like” if you enjoy what you see. Share the video and tag us on your Facebook (@webofeve) or Twitter (@thewebofeve) and earn your chance to be the first to see the P.O.C. scenes starring the talented and beautiful Sasha Jackson, weeks before anyone else!

Casting Calls

Time’s Up!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to our proof-of-concept casting call. We have our work cut out for us, choosing which of the many amazing actors who submitted will be called in to audition this coming weekend.

For those of you who submitted, you should hear from us via email this week (8/21-8/25/17) if we have chosen to invite you to audition. Make sure you add to your safe sender’s list. Be sure and confirm your audition time promptly!

For those of you who do not receive an invitation to audition or didn’t submit before the deadline, fear not! There will be many more opportunities to audition for The Web of Eve pilot and, fingers crossed, many episodes to come. Be sure and subscribe to this site to get the latest news and find out about casting calls before anyone else.