Sneaky Mickey’s Fan Page

Sneaky Mickey knows she’s the real star of The Web of Eve. If you’re here, you know it too! Just like our series, Sneaky is just a youngster. The sweet little female ball python was born mid-2016 and lives with WOE teaser actress, Maya Clarady. She got her name from the mouse ear-like spots on her head when she was young and her ability to sneak out just long enough to cause a panic. (She has since been thwarted by some really large clips on her giant glass home’s lid.)

She loves spending her days in her dark little cave but also enjoys hanging out on warm hands and arms on occasion. We won’t talk about her diet, but the apple pictured above did survive the teaser shoot. That is, until Sneaky’s co-star, Maya Clarady, ate it. (Yeah, she washed it really well first.)

You can see Sneaky’s video debut in our first teaser on YouTube now.