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WOE: Under the Iceberg

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a #BombCyclone freezing the East Coast. Naturally, that means it’s cold in the rest of the country. Okay, for us Houstonians, that means we put on parkas because there was a little frost on the grass when we got up. I digress.

The cold weather naturally took this writer’s mind to icebergs. (They’re frozen.) Icebergs are like filmmaking. What you see on the surface is maybe 25% of the actual work that goes into any production, especially an indie like …the web of Eve.¬† For example, that 30-second teaser, which you’ve hopefully watched by now, represents¬† a segment of about 24 hours of filming with a dozen crew members and about fifty actors, which took about 200 hours of pre-production preparation by a team of, on average, 8 people, based on a script that took about eighty hours and two people to write and refine. Finally, the teaser is a segment of another 100 hours of post-production work, that also resulted in a few more teasers, the original music you hear, and the First Look short film not yet released.

To the casual observer, the net is about ten minutes of video, or the tip of that iceberg.

Does this mean you can’t produce your own films without a massive effort? Of course not. If you’re just aiming to produce something fun to watch at home with your buddies, scrabble out a little script, grab a good DSLR, and go for it! However, if your goal is to produce something that will eventually earn a little cash to fund your next project, the bottom of that iceberg needs to be at least twice the size of the tip. Stay tuned to this blog for more details about what lies below the surface.