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Harvey Pauses

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We rose this morning to find a peek of sun through Harvey’s clouds. At my house, the dogs were ecstatic and tore through the sopping backyard at top speeds, celebrating their first rain-free moment in five days. The waters have, even if temporarily, receded on the south side of Houston.

But it’s not over yet. (If you’ve evacuated, don’t

SE TX Road flooding & closures on 8/30/2017

come back just yet. If you plan on being on the roads, check before you drive.)


This is that moment where we Texans buckle down and use every moment we can to help our neighbors, whether we knew them before today or not. There are still many, MANY at grave risk due to the overflowing reservoirs and bayous. Many of the roads are still impassable. Homes are still filling with water. Though the rain has passed, the danger and the needs have not.

If you’re looking in from the outside, it’s not too late for you to help. People’s lives are upside down. Many are looking at days, weeks, maybe even months without their homes,  without the ability to work and provide their families with the basic necessities. Too many had insufficient or no insurance. Those that were barely getting by will financially sink without the help of others. They will need more than the old clothes you can donate. They will need the support of those of us who have been more fortunate to get back on their feet. They don’t just need your hearts to go out to them, but your donations and your helping hands.


You can help in so many ways: join WOE’s Marilyn Swick and Laura Koons in raising funds for the American Red Cross and collecting/delivering donations. Support first responders like our executive producer, Shedrick Cortez-Stokes and WOE friend Mike Lee. (They’re working some incredibly long shifts to keep our neighbors safe.) Our own animal hero, writer Jai Aitch has added kitten rescuer to his resume’ in the midst of dealing with his own damage from Hurricane Harvey. Join me and my daughter (actress Maya Clarady) in donating our time to a local shelter. There are so many ways you can help, so many stories we could tell! If you need help. do start with

So please join us in providing continued #HopeForHouston and relief from #HurricaneHarvey. And above all, if you live in this area, stay safe! As we Texans like to say, “It ain’t over yet!”

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