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Casting Submission Tips

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We are ecstatic so many amazing actors are submitting to the Web of Eve casting call announced this weekend. Keep them coming!

Before you hit “send” to submit to our, or any casting call, keep these quick tips in mind:

  1. ALWAYS include your headshot, resume and demo reel (if you have one) in the same submission.
  2. Submit only to the casting team email or via the web form or you may get overlooked.
  3. Please submit only if you fit the ages listed. Bottom ages are a hard limit due to insurance.
  4. Please submit only one time, unless we ask you for more information.
  5. Please do not submit via a service that requires we sign in to pick up your files unless you’re a bona fide celebrity.
  6. Selfies aren’t headshots.
  7. Be self-aware: do I really fit the role?
  8. Indicate if you are Houston “local” or your home base.
  9. Keep calm. No audition invitations will go out before August 18th.
  10. Travel is not paid for the roles posted, except under special circumstances, so we do need to know what city and state you call home.